TEAMSTER: Lee apple

Worksite: Pier 2620 Hotel

Years on the job: 23 years

Job title: Front Desk Clerk

How he got started: "After college I was able to travel some, and then, you know, parents and family said it's time to get a job. I had somebody who was a close family friend who had been in the hotel business. So I had a knowledge from him about the flexible hours and the other things that would fit. I didn't plan to stay that long, but life has been good. I haven't had a commute, I've been able to walk all these years, so it's worked out. I'm pretty happy about it. The support from the Teamsters has helped make that possible."

On his approach to customer service: "It can be a real subjective thing, as so many things in life. I've been a customer a lot myself, and you know, it's common sense, efficiency, basic courtesy. I've never been comfortable dealing with someone in a store where they have to do this script or that kind of thing. So you you know, just be human, be real. I think the thing that can irritate people more than anything is having to wait in line a long time, so if it's getting busy, you might have to be a little quicker than you would always like to be. But basically my approach is the Golden Rule: treat others as I would like to be treated."

On being a Teamster: "I've worked here at the 2620 for 23 years. It was a Ramada through the '90s, and then it became a Hilton, and a couple of years ago, it became an independent hotel – but the Teamsters have been here through all those changes. Through different ownerships or management changes you might not see eye-to-eye with your bosses at a certain time, but the union is there, through and through. The Teamsters have helped us be taken care of. 

As a shop steward, I've learned a lot in the trainings offered and I can cut off problems sometimes before they even happen. I've been happy to do it and proud to do it."