TEAMSTER: Herbert Travit

Worksite: National/Alamo Car Rental, San Francisco International Airport

Years on the job: 10 years

Job title: Lead Return Agent

What that means: "We get thousands of customers weekly, even daily–so it's just kind of directing people, making sure they're taken care of. Return cars. We handle all their customer issues. I direct them where to go and answer any questions they may have. And make sure they're completely satisfied with their rental."

Providing Great Service: "I greet the customer with a smile and eye contact. I make sure that they had great customer service throughout their rental. And hopefully they come back."

Union family: "My niece, who I live with now, she retired from UPS after 30 years there. Her brother, my nephew, actually works for United and drives for MUNI. And my brother-in-law, he worked for MUNI and the San Francisco Port as a longshoreman. All union jobs. So union runs deep in my family"

On being a Teamster: "Teamsters 856 has our backs. They will help you with anything that needs to be done. I've learned a lot since I've been a shop steward for so long and it helped me in a way I can deal with management a lot better. We are the union. Even if you don't like someone, we're all in the same boat. So even though people may not like you, or you don't like them, we still have to respect that we're all for the greater cause. It helps everybody."